Q   &   A

Q: How do you select the name of your characters? 

A: Some of my characters names not all but some of them come from people who influenced me in the course of my life. The rest of them I just made them up.

Q: Do you hide secrets in your book that only a few people will find?

A: Absolutely.  M and M hospital is named after my two daughters. Mckenzie and Madison. Some of the dates in the book are dates of different loved ones birthdays. The alcoholic beverage that is drank in the story (Jack Daniels) is my sisters favorite drink. Max county which is the town the story takes place in is named after my dog. There's other things that only the ones closest to me would recognize

Q: What was your hardest scene to write?

A: Theres a few. I think the hardest was the ending. I wont go into it. I just wanted to get it right. 

Q: Any interesting story's to tell on your journey with writing Camp Wolf Creek?

A: YES YES YES. It's quit funny actually now I look back at it. I came up with a different story in June of 2008. There was different characters. Well, an entirely different story. At that time my heart was set on getting Camp Wolf Creek made into a game. With allot of time and research I found an outsourcing company who would make the game for me but they wanted around $150,000 to make it. YIKES, I didn't have the money so I couldn't continue with the project. Of course I tried looking for a potential team that would be interested but they all had projects of their own. I didn't want to give up so I scrapped the story and started over again in February of 2020 and now I am extremely happy and lucky to be fortunate to get this story into a novel and out there for you to read.