What should have been a fun and entertaining weekend retreat for Clear Water Middle School, instead turns into a weekend of unimaginable horror!

The story begins with Robert Lee, Camp Wolf Creek's caretaker, when he discovers the enchancted and imfamous "Wordless book". Thought to be a mere legend and folklore story in Wolf Creek for ages but in fact was the prison of the wrecthed Dark Reaper with his army of Heathens and his 4 cohorts The Fire Reaper, The Water Reaper, The Electric Reaper, and The Wind Reaper. Legend has it, whoever is to read from the Wordless book will unloosen the chains of The Reapers and set them free. Robert Lee unwittling knowing the legend of the Wordless book, reads a passage from it and releases the Reapers and their army. What do the Reapers want? Most importantly how do you stop them?

Lets follow Robert lee as he embarks on this extraordinary journey to save little Emma Moon and Destroy the Reapers before Camp Wolf Creek is doomed!!!