One summer afternoon, several counselors and over a dozen teenagers arrive at Camp Wolf Creek, the infamous camp haunted by the long-dead spirit of the camp's original owner, David Wolf. Supposedly, if you listen close, you can hear his voice calling out to his daughter...

As the counselors settle in for the first night at camp, they find that the spirit of David Wolf is the least of their worries, for Camp Wolf Creek is home to a pack of reapers, led by the dangerous and unforgiving death reaper himself.

Night falls and the reapers and netter's are set loose upon Camp Wolf Creek like a scourge...and not everyone will survive. But when the camp's history comes to light, the surviving counselors must band together to banish the death reaper once and for all, saving themselves-and the fate of the world.

Wild, outlandish, and gory, Camp Wolf Creek promises a thrill of a summer slasher.